Ometepe Nicaragua

Two volcanoes born in Lake Nicaragua. Small side is the peaceful side. Find cheap private cabinas, or hire a hammock for $3, or camp out.

No ATMs, no supermarkets, no cars.
One “chicken bus” to take around the rock, twice per day. Ferry to and from the island.

Best part, relaxing with Doña Clara’s family and eating amazing Nica meals with Don Julio hot sauce.

The richest juiciest carrots on Earth are found here







Experienced this blessing in April this year… What an amazing year in the tropics.

Now what?

El Globo

A hobo-global,
El Globo
sighting today in DF México


Back to Mexico City today… Stuffed my squirrel cachetes with Nachitos Vegano at Caté De Mi Corazón en barrio de fresas Condesa.

Mañana Mañana.
Theres a film festival on here and now $3 a pop, índi cinema and spanish lessons in Unión. Ai Weiwei exhibit at Museo Nacional Antropologio. … Tickled by trip idea to Teotihuacán…. And lots mas Veggie spots aquí to take inspiration from. “Los Loosers mañana. Today had my thrills of tacos; de Jamaica y Mole!… De setas!!… Y quelites aguacate… ¡¡¡YOMMMMMMM!!!🙏


Caught a glimpse of Ometepe on our way back to Mex. I spent a week there and happily would have stayed forever. Best carrots of my life at Doña Clara’s verduleria. My corazon wills to return and spend a good couple months traveling INWARD at this blessed pair of volcanic islands(the right one is bigger than the left) in the amazing Lago Nicaragua… Which has some amazing beings swimming around in fresh water like sea turtles, sailfish and bull sharks that adapted when the land closed off the water from mama ocean and became less saline over time. Now the Sharks swim all the way to Tortuguero to mate.

Some day will take the time to peck at this pocket computer and put up pictures of this recent Costa Rica part 2… guauuuu…. Tortuguerooooooo que padre

Costa Rica

Back in Ticolandia

In San Jose the capitol, for one week, a new veg restaurant every day. Neshuma , El Buho Vegetariano, Mantras, Comida Para Sentir, and Arbol De Seda.

Now in Puerto Viejo Talamanca, and the change from Latin to Caribbean culture is vivid.

Swam around this rock in the mañana. Came back in the afternoon and this perro was my partner.

Found a peaceful piece of the Caribbean, treasured solitude after being glued to a DISASTROUSLY sick travel companion for two weeks.

Well, the first words of wisdom I cling to like a dingleberry is IT HAPPENS, and was blessed to hold on to sanity through it all, like I was a dingleberry and the world and all its forces tried to knock me off. My partner is much healthier now and no longer murmuring like a baby while I spoon feed her water… and we are back to the light. Love love love, love is all you need hallelujah! It is great to look back and laugh, I think I learned some valuable life lessons, and I definitely have some awesome stories to entertain of Caribbean emergency transport


Several vegetarian diners here, all super scrumptious





We are made of vibrations, and no matter the manipulation, we will shine our way out! there’s nothing that can stop that intrinsic beauty from overflowing through any mask or deception.

veganism as it evolves

New intention:

I am not vegan anymore.

Of course I will maintain all its practices, but as SECOND NATURE, as instinct. I will not give it a name as if this LOVE-PRACTICE is anything different from NORMAL or NATURAL.  I am not American.  I am not anglo.  I am not male.  I AM a soul, responsibly occupying this mind, body, this planet.  My AIM is that all my actions and choices will reflect care and love, inward and outward.

Veganism exists to end veganism.  A vegan restaurant CRAVES competition.  Competition is not negative for vegans.  Vegans don’t want to be unique vegan-restaurant hunting vampires who outlive all their carnivore companions.  Vegans want others to join in the love practice.  Vegans want everyone to love everyone.  Vegans want the word veganism to dissolve.  Vegans want veganism to become so normal, the choice of love to be the obvious choice, for all to follow their heart.  If the love grows, great.  And if not, great.

It is not a great concern to convert.  There is no vegan church with priests dependent on tithing and expensive gifts.  There is no home for stubbornness when a vegan is talking to you, it is from their heart.  Resisting veganism is resisting love, and will only further congestion, constipation from storing food far too heavy for those long loving herbivore intestines.

If you think you are a carnivore, like those beings with claws and canines who help thin out the sick and old in the circle of life, then here is your challenge to prove it; go jump on a cow and take it down with your teeth and claws and devour it.

After over one year of choice discerning food intake purely vegetarian, I have discovered that (DISCRIMINATION) is the opposition of all LOVE.

I have been discriminated against only by those who discern themselves as ovo-lacto vegetarians.

Carnivores, no problem, no worries about anything.  They invite me to a steak house without any offense intended.  When offering food, they brush off the meat and really believe its fine.  And for me, this is not offensive.  Of course I don’t eat the food, but I often go to places against the flow of water, to share company with loved ones.  “They are not Dickheads, they are just Dumbasses” as my friend Abran describes, for the weekend warriors who come to rock-climb “up the hill” on Big Bear Lake, throwing their climbing rope over the edge without looking below, almost hitting us.  These meat-eaters really are blind to heart-song, and live their waking lives as their sleep lives.  I know, because, I was this way in the past.  And there is no rightness to be angry at them.

The Ovo-Lactos, however, truly loathe me.  I still send nothing but love to them as well, for it is my perception that they are me.  They see what they are doing as better, better than the carnivores, discriminated and isolated from the carnivores, and when I come along, simply announcing non-discriminating non-consuming of any form, it really irks them who have practiced the inward discrimination and found others to coagulate with.

Generation V will evolve.  The osmosis will occur and the tides will flow.  Old self-serving notions will wash away along with those who so stubbornly reside in them. This is the freedom of death.  Veganism is the freedom in life.

Therefor I am not vegan

I am the universe

I am of this Earth

I am nature

I am love

I am

Heart Sutra

“Form is emptiness

Emptiness is form

Matter and spirit are one

But all is void.

Man is not alive

Is not dead

Is unborn and undying

Without old age and disease

Without increase and without decrease”

- Buddha

These are pure truths

natural non-material, to be non-thought over

To be Non-discriminated over

Self is corrected by non-action… by no longer controlling, attempting to spin one way or the other, likely to spin more often in the anti-self direction

Correct is nature

By no longer trying to spin in any direction

By following beautiful form

By following self

The butterfly mimics the flowers it seeks

This great being Siddhartha had many “followers”.  Many took not one single step in the path.

But those who walked in the steps were the non-followers,

The ones who took no claims of a leader, or made no words

The ones who “walk” who non-walk …  Rosa Parks.  Pancho Ramos Stierle  .  The loving defenders and of 4.6.89 at Tianenmen Square.  And millions more.  They are the light that shines, when one senses darkness.

They are the single candle

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened”

They are the rice seed which can grow a thousand

The ones who became leaders of their self

The ones who naturally are non-discriminators

The ones who realize we all are truly natural, non-discriminators

Non-discrimination is universalism

The universe is love

The universe gives love, providence, guidance

To separate self from love is only illusion,

Confusion which is foolish to believe is not apparent, or easily hidden.

Anti-illumination… the opposite of illumation or even non-illumination

Is to create the illusion of separation from the Universe, from self.

Is to invite the dark

Good thing the light always shines the non-way :)

Good thing, one is always there



My new middle name is …McLoven

M mercy
C compassion
L love
O optimism
V valor
E empathy
N now

I am not human
I am infinity
How can I limit myself to any category within that limited body
I am energy
I am source
I am love endless
The constant presence
Of consciousness


Infinite Intelligence

The flow of Information, like tide

From Eye, light echoes through space

To Eye,  with all the light reflected

Brain flips the images to make sense

Then, Misinformation of true form

Unlearn, unravel the lies, until you see with HEART


There are no species

Each organism is constantly adapting and overcoming

Beauty is the goal of the whole

See at a rate other than your own

See the all

If ugliness is chosen, elimination of self begins

Be the light, be the love

Blessed infinitely beyond necessity.

The blindest are the ones who wish not to see.

The Earth provides far more than one could ever “need” in root, fruit, mineral and seed.  And she shares it so lovingly with all of we! along with the blessing of consciousness and love, or conversely blissful ignorance.

“If you want to live, eat this.” she says “Its super delicious.”

“Smell it first, take it in all your available senses and wonder, before your body.  If you enjoy it, put that seed in the ground… and a little water if you please.  I’ll send you that too, just follow the blue.  But if you live where water is rare, Expect yourself to become like the air.”


Yes, one may consume and put forth the vibrations that one wishes in the beautiful cycle! Conversely, in this consciousness one may also choose to put forth that which one does not wish returned.  But one may not shield the return.  The circle comes full.  History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme said a one known as Mark Twain.  The rhythms echo until they reach form to source.  No need to fear, simply come to nature.  The longer one waits, or disrepairs, the more unprepared.

I neither need nor desire to consume(become or have it become me) that which was the former of a sperm, nor an egg, or any of their processes alone or united, especially not the milk of mother designed and released only in that precious stretch of time during which HER newborn is unable to consume heavier fare.  I need not this rhythm in my family song.  Negativity may arise, I only know that negativity, I will not in my good form invite.

This particular ‘life’, and its consciousness may pass. One is able to obtain freedom from the desires of immortality within this existence, for one is already immortal without it.  Food and water are subsistence for this corpse, solely methods of extending this experience.  They are elementally what we are at the most pure level!  One cannot be separated, and need not fear it, we are inextricably infinitely spinning within the dance hall of the all.  For certain there lies a part of this “being” which at root level desires the divine union of yin and yang, inviting the next generation to cross the portal.  My only true aim is to maintain order in my ruling faculty.

The all is constant change, and many things are truly uncertain.

Of the guiding forces : CORAZÓN & SUN.  The power within and without.  GRAVITY & CYCLE  The pull down and around.

Extremely powerful forces which tell no un-truths.  The mind is many parts.  Of them the observer, the one who sees.  Also the interpreter and narrator.  The ego, easily influenced by impressions.  To clear this, and realize that I in truth am the observer of these thoughts… NOT THE THOUGHTS; That is to see.




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