Up the mountain and back to the beach

The deeper I dive into love, the more I appreciate what I have, the more mercy I apply, the greater blessings I receive, the more peace I “attain” by learning to use it as a tool to help myself and those who desire it.

The half steppers and alternatives think I’m crazy, or in competition…

The mainstream understands me slightly better, seeing my aim, but acknowledging their fear of taking the red pill.

But only those on the path of the heart truly understand me and see my desire to understand by second nature, “my” connection to the all


Follow The Heart

There are no roads

Or there is one disguised as many


The mind may be a tool, perhaps designed to help a being on the path of heart.

The mind of one has potential to fight against the heart’s intention, but this will become apparent. One may recognize by using the memory, a facet of the mind, that one’s life has delivered many lessons over the course of what one recognizes as time.  Often repeating, the same lesson arrives until it has been ‘learned’, with clear rhythms for one to recognize that issue which would provide a healing for the heart, when given loving attention and loving intention.

The advice of the heart may appear clear.  The heart channels connection with all beings, the Earth, the universe, and beyond.

While there is the infinite options of the mind, one may become distracted from heart.

With the two, there can exist harmonious balance.

But without communication of the two, the imbalance occurs.

One may find that the imbalance can be resolved, by strengthening the communication.

When communication becomes cloudy and interference occurs, one may isolate the squeaky wheels.

Strengthen the communication by using pure energy with pure actions and non-actions. Non-ado is often a beautiful tool to bring heart’s awareness to self, and those around you.

Give love to the body with simple loving food.  Question the source of the food, with the heart.  Accept not justifications and any polluted advice against your heart’s clear message

Give love to the body with simple exercises.  Do or non-ado what feels right, for the heart.  Meditation and natural breathwork are powerful exercises for the entire being.

Give love to your heart with simple exercises.  Respond to lifes daily challenges with the heart.  Choose your words and silence with pure love.  Choose actions and non-actions with pure love.


Many quiet their hearts for the pain of not having listened for such a long time. The heart may become silent.  But it can always in every moment, be awakened.

Every moment is a moment to sieze, and realize NOW is the time of the heart.

Now is the time for pure powerful love, which echoes throughout the universe, all planets, and shines for all to see, even when sleeping. - as Earth feels love even while allowing its other half to meditate.  A being on earth may recognize the energy of sun while inderect… reflected from the moon.  And one may sense that light at greater distance on other planets, gifted to one’s experience.  The power of the sun may be recongized infinitely within and without the all, a human being not excepted, in every cell of ones being.  While there is darkness, sun’s energy is surging within and all around.

Let love echo through the universe:)

It can shine as bright as the sun


To all the freedom fighters and freedom lovers, thank you.

To all those before me who built a future of freedom for me, I acknowledge you with a gratitude that helps straighten my spine, align my body, spirit, mind, and heart pump blood energy throughout all of me… With purpose. I thank you with a smile, taking advantage of all my freedoms and paying it forward to ALL that I am able. And my ability is great thanks to you!

As one lives by the sword meets his fate by the same…
If you’ve got your boots on a neck, there will some day be a boot on your neck.

This is a deal that you agree to when you reject mercy. One cannot reject the delivery, whether you paid for it or not. When I have this knowledge, I can no longer play the ignorant card. Once I learn to listen to my heart, I burn the cards and follow my heart.

I Think, with my heart, of the sources of my body’s energy, what my shelter is built from, my clothing where my safety comes from. All that is essential And my blessing, I wouldn’t choose it to be another’s curse! How far across the river with the alligators I have traveled from, to live a single second by their rules. I am human, I will use my blessings to provide blessings. My energy received lovingly from the sun will shine lovingly from me.

What do I take from the plants and the animals, the planet, the sun. What can I give? Always love. Love gives with a smile and expects nothing. I give Mercy at the least. Mercy at times is the most. It always pays both. It is a small thing for sure, I would never desire the situation it’s decision is called for, but when it comes, I always will choose freedom, mercy, and love. Always.


Thank you freedom fighters
Thank you teachers
Thank you farmers


In San Juan del Sur now…

This trip has been bombarding my senses, blowing me away every step of THE WAY.

Ometepe was the reason I went ahead with this dream of a trip, presented by friends from Tucson and Boston… And it was amazing!






Here in SJDS for a couple more days… Which is good because I love it… Waves, vegan restaurant… Yoga tomorrow morning with the posse…

Looking for an indentured servitude opportunity with HelpX or workaway- lots of tempting veins to travel- waiting to find the perfect one… Veggie power, good hard work using think and brain…and heart


Heavenly slice of the Dolce Vita at Buddha’s Garden. Raw veg cheesecake. The loving future is here… Get on board y’all!

Last day in Ometepe, I was at this house all day- playing with my newest nephew and eating non-stop.

New Lands: Nica-Rica-Panama-and on


A new journey is sprouting… not nearly as exciting or terrifying as my recent journey into nanny lands. I hear stories of my nephews and their friends asking about me, crying for me… I remember Efren screeching my name when I show up at my brother’s house, and Emilio looking for me every morning when he wakes up, arms outstretched for “huggies” and a tranquil stroll around the house and making tea with monkeyboy napping in my arms… A great way to start the day… and those many times he comes home excitedly calling out “Dan Dan dan where’s my dan!?” I remember while I put one nephew to bed for nap, I heard the other one choking and ran downstairs to find him shoveling handfuls of dirt into his mouth, and me clinging to peace of mind by a thin thread while swiping out dirt. Glad to find his uncoordinated hands dropped most of the dirt before it reached his mouth… Otherwise he would have eaten all the earth from every pot.

I’m loving that SPRING is here, and putting plants outside, which I’ve watched grow like babies from seed. The first time in my life I’ve begun to appreciate the seasons of life, fertility… Ishtar!

I don’t want to know anything about Nicaragua before I go. This is because i looked at a single picture on and it blew my mind… I don’t want anything other than to wash in completely raw, blind, new experience. I booked my hostel and that’s it. And I might even sneak over to a cathedral and ask if they will rent me a floor space instead.

An exciting itinerary lies ahead- planned totally by friends, so I get to just follow the flow and appreciate their excited investment of research. After the 10th of May I go my own way, I way, I path. Maybe Mexico… Maybe back to Europe… Maybe back to states for hippy hobo hammock camping all over the mountain states. Maybe I go all babylon and get a job and start school again … Yeahhh no maybe so.

Morning sitting at Denver airport, after drooling all over my yoga mat through the night… Grateful for the tranquil snooze.


Planes Trains and Automobiles

Leche de MADRES

~throwback thoughts from Mexico~

How divine is milk!? that milk is manifested by mothers, for the child of that being and her kin’s children when necessary.

And how much of it goes bad every day? Around the world!  I am at my new HelpX host, and every week she pours this divine life source down the drain into the grotesque sewer… This life energy created by a loving nurturing mother, for her beautiful divine offspring.

Whatever amount my master hasn’t been used before market, goes down the drain.  Then she goes to market and buys some more.

And more thoughts of the young goat’s mother… She truly cares for her young, with all of her being, and must produce more… to meet these strange new demands.  This awkward imbalance, overworking her body, for a foreign purpose ~ so that another being can drink of Her, Divine, Life, Source.

Please let us humans dance with animals, rather than enslave them and parasitically suck their life force… let them wonder and wander in their free and wild way… let them tame the wild flora, spreading seed and fertilizer in their beautiful rhythm.

Curt Gowdy State Park, Cheyenne Wyoming

I’ve been on manny duty for almost a month now! Changing diapers, feeding, playing, reading, singing, all the good stuff.

Today the big boy made a pebbly poop in his pull-up and decided to cram the turd nuggets inside the toy ball tube-tree… That toy went in the trash…

This week starts gymnastics so maybe he will get to send his creative energy to cartwheels instead of poo-balls.

I hope I never played with poo as a kid :P I am a monkey, but hopefully never slung poo until I worked at plumbing.

Got some much needed freedom and running around rocks at Curt Gowdy State Park, an awesome place with lakes and boulders to run around. The lakes are frozen on one side, and people walk across casually. It’s a really magical place with natural rocky beauty which I haven’t seen much of in Wyoming. I know there’s a lot more good stuff to find around here!

Going to Yellowstone in a couple weeks! To camp out for a week! The only kids will be my inner child! Oh! and I get to try out the tent Brother Zachariah got me!!!

Yellowstone will be a healthy dose of adventure, but I need to go surfing by May or I will officially go mental. Channeling my chi until then… Dreaming to life fantasies of Nicaragua and Costa Rica…



La Belle Verte

The Beautiful Green

This movie was prohibited in EU and Russia, when it was released in 1996.  It is still potent, relevate, and very fun to watch.  Makes me dream and dream and dream… of a beautiful green and blue future filled with love, when we all wake up.



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